The Collections

The collections here, procured through the efforts of Gandhi Memorial Museums Board, New Delhi, and various other persons connected with Gandhiji, particularly concerning Mahatmaji's connections with Bengal and Orissa, include huge numbers of photographs concerning Gandhiji's life and activities and our Freedom Movement, some original and rare, a number of things of his personal use, some originally used articles of the Mahatma, rare negatives, some original letters, plaster-cast replica of his used articles, photocopy of his huge correspondence, his notes and hand writing in different languages, sculptures, models, oil paintings including the last work of Late Satish Sinha, the famous portrait maker - a life size portrait of the Mahatma and as mentioned earlier, a continuous panel of coloured sketches depicting the life and philosophy of Mahatma and different phases of our freedom struggle, Specimens of tribal handicrafts, and a very rare and interesting collection of specimen of hand-spun threads by many of our National Leaders including Gandhiji and Kasturba Gandhi. Tape-Records containing Reminiscences of many illustrious persons who came in contact with Gandhiji, Disc-Records containing patriotic and devotional songs and some documentary films on Gandhiji and Independence movement form another interesting collection of this museum.
The collections, as such are as varied and necessary as to help out the true import of the life and the philosophy of the Mahatma Gandhi.

List of Collection

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